Our Casino Bonuses
Our casino bonuses

Our casino bonuses

InterCasino offers a variety of different bonuses. And we've designed them to be as simple as possible to understand. So, read on to find out how our bonuses work.

At InterCasino, your cash and bonus money are stored separately. This means that if you've got cash in your account, you can always withdraw it. Bonus money, on the other hand, gives you a second chance to get lucky.

So, if your cash balance reaches 0, that's when your bonus funds kick in. Just note that each bonus has specific wagering requirement that must be met before it's converted into cash. When you reach the specified wagering requirement, your remaining bonus balance will turn into cash that you can withdraw.

Below you'll find for some useful examples.

Example one

Let's say you made a deposit of $100 and received a 100% deposit bonus. You will then have $100 in cash and another $100 in bonus money. When you begin to play, you always start playing with your cash first.

You start playing and hit a big win of $400. Your account will state that you now have around $500 in cash in addition to the $100 in bonus that hasn’t been played. Since you have the option to withdraw your cash at any time, you can choose to withdraw your $500 cash using one of our provided payment methods. But please be aware that when you withdraw your cash at any time, you will also forfeit your remaining bonus.

Example two

Starting out the same way as in example 1, you have $100 in cash and $100 in bonus. This time you play through your $100 cash and finish with a $0.00 cash balance. This is when your bonus money activates. Since you are playing with bonus money, you must meet the wagering requirement (usually 40 times the bonus amount).

From this point on, all the money in your account will remain as bonus money until the wagering requirement has been met, even if the balance goes above the original bonus amount. Once the wagering requirement is met, your total bonus balance will turn into cash.

In this case, the wagering requirement will be $100*40 = $4.00. This means that you have to place bets with a combined value of $4.00 before the bonus is converted into real money. When you have completed the required wagering, the entire bonus amount you have in your account will be converted into cash, not just the $100 you started with.

How to wager

The wagering of your bonus only starts when you start playing with the bonus balance. This means that real money wagers will NOT count towards the wagering of your bonus.

As soon as you start playing with your bonus money, every bet you place (whether it’s $1.00 or $10 per bet) will count towards reaching the requirement.

You can withdraw the deposited amount and any associated winnings at any time without meeting the wagering requirements. In any such instance, bonus funds would be returned to InterCasino

If you choose to withdraw a deposit before it has been wagered at least once, General Terms and Conditions point 3.19 will come into effect.

InterCasino reserves the right to remove bonuses and associated winnings in cases where fraudulent activity or abuse is suspected. This shall include, but is not be limited to: using more than one account, bonus stacking, two tier betting, multiple account/proxy account strategy, using a VPN or masking IP address, Affiliate CPA or revenue share abuse.

The following is a list of contributions towards wagering requirements for each individual game type:

GamesWagering Contribution
All Slots & Instant Games100%
Baccarat & Punto Banco, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Hold'em (all variants)15%
Blackjack, Pontoon, Live Casino10%
Bonus types

There’s more than one type of bonus available, usually via email and SMS. Keep your deatails up to date in your settings to get these bonuses in your inbox.

The details of each offer can vary, so don’t forget to check the associated T&Cs each time.

Welcome Deal

InterCasino has a welcome offer for all new players. When you make your very first deposit a 100% bonus up to $100 will be added to your account right away.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are usually offered via email and SMS. These bonuses will be a percentage of your deposit (ie, 50% or 100%) and come with a maximum bonus amount.

Top Up Bonus

A Top Up Bonus is a deposit bonus with a fixed bonus amount. The deposit and bonus amount will be stated in the promotion (ie, deposit $20 or more, receive a $10 bonus).

Spin Credits

A Spin Credit is a specific bonus amount (ie, $3.00) associated with a particular game or game genre. The winnings from a Spin Credit turn into a generic bonus with a specified wagering requirement.

Bonus Spins

Bonus Spins allow you to play a set number of game rounds on a selected game. Winnings from a Bonus Spin turn into a generic bonus with a specified wagering requirement.

Super Spins

Super Spins are, in fact, a type of Bonus Spin. They come in different varieties and are all connected to two particular game providers: Yggdrasil and Quickspin.

Here’s a little more about the Super Spins we offer:

Win Spins

A $2.50 Win Spin means that you get unlimited spins until you score a total of $2.50 or more. Your Win Spins only stop when you’ve reached that target, and anything extra is yours to keep.

Thrill Spins

With a $2.50 Thrill Spin, you get unlimited spins until you earn $2.50 or more in a single win. Your spins will only stop once you’ve achieved that single win and anything extra is yours to keep.

Hit Spins

A Hit Spin offers you unlimited spins on a particular slot until you manage to hit a particular goal within the game, such as activating a bonus feature. Your spins will stop once your goal is achieved and any winnings are yours to keep.

Trigger Spins

A Trigger Spin allows you to go straight to the bonus feature in a particular game. Anything you win while that bonus feature is running is yours to keep.

Pick Spins

Pick Spins are very similar to Bonus Spins, only you get to select the wager amount and number of spins from a list of options. Choose wisely, because whatever you win is yours to keep.

Top Spins

Your Top Spin allows you to play a total of 20 spins for free. Once you're done spinning, you'll get to keep the total winnings from the top 5 highest-scoring rounds.

Winnings from all Bonus Spins and Super Spins turn into a generic bonus with a specified wagering requirement.